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    Is this the poorly equipped Vietnamese monkey that officials in China say? Hell, they have more large caliber howitzers than the French army!

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    Li Qiang said: "Yes! As early as a few days ago, we discovered that radio signals were operating abnormally in the jungle on the Vietnam-Laos border. Based on the distribution range and extent signal activity, at least one brigade was active in that area. A few hours ago, we just decoded a French telegram signed by Major General Salan, confirming that there was indeed A French army is operating in that area, and it is the famous 25th Armored Brigade! They have been hiding in that area a few weeks ago and secretly opened a road through the jungle, now the army The Viet Minh are about to retreat to the north, they will rush out now!”

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    The German mercenary muttered curses: "These Gallic chickens have some blood after all, why did they strike so early?"

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    Commander Li, tell us the process of this naval battle, the people of the whole country are waiting!

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    What about the militia front? Why hasn't it been organized yet? Tell the person in charge, if you haven't organized a militia front within twelve hours, raise your head and come see me! Was he joking?

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    Some countries have used their own experiences to tell the world what it would be like to stand in front of this army, and there is more than one.

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    The interrogator said: "The position of the brigade headquarters is unclear, but the main position of the 25th Armored Brigade is clear!" He took out a bloody map and showed it to Tiet Kien Cuong and Long Thang Ky. The French map of Vietnam is marked with an accuracy of 1/50,000, the mountains, rivers and villages in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam are clearly visible at a glance. Two red lines meandered between the mountains and jungles around Chunlian, which was the direction of the 25th Armored Brigade. After crossing the Wei River, the brigade divided into two groups and marched in parallel in the direction of Thanh Hoa, shows a fierce advance. At this speed, at most two hours later their tanks will rush straight into the inner city of Thanh Hoa.

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    After a lot of trouble, Zhong Wei finally found An Changjian - Vu Nguyen Giap used the excuse to visit wounded soldiers but did not see him. This is understandable, after all, Chung Vi resolutely objected long before going into battle, thinking that the opportunity to attack Thanh Vinh was not yet ripe and would certainly suffer heavy casualties, but Vo Nguyen Giap still recalcitrant. and determined to fight. Just as Chung Wei predicted, the Vietnamese army was seriously injured at the mouth of the Lan Giang River, 20,000 soldiers hated the battlefield, a fatal blow of the Viet Minh regime, it was normal to avoid it. His chief of staff, An Truong Kien, was not much better than him. As soon as he saw Chung Uy, his face became hot and he just wanted to find a crack in the ground and crawl in.

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    The liaison officer immediately went out and contacted Red Star. A few minutes later, he ran back and said: "The 8th Army is right, and said that they captured this diving aircraft carrier, but they lack the manpower to bring it back. If we are interested animal, we can cooperate. We will send someone to escort, drive back to Shandong, slowly study!"

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    The bridges on the canal were blown up a long time ago, the Japanese army repeatedly built pontoon bridges, and they were repeatedly blown up by the bombs of the Red Army without rendezvous, stunned by the fire.

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    Major Wood's expression became more and more serious. This is truly a science fiction weapon, once put into combat it is really difficult to defend... Such an advanced submarine is impossible for China to prepare, of course for the Soviet Union. even more impossible. The west coast and west coast have a large number of prosperous cities, and the United States, which has pushed Japan into a dead end, has become the best and only attack target of this type of submarine. Don't think that a Japanese submarine attacking the United States is a fantasy, when the Pacific War ended, a Japanese submarine actually ran to the west coast of the United States and fired 17 shells at the cities. coastal city, unfortunately, 16 shells smelled bad. Later, the Americans built a monument right at the hole of the only hit bullet, on which was engraved:

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    Not only in Hainan, but also in Zhanjiang and Maoming. On the Zhanjiang side, an oil refinery with an annual output of 3 million tons is being planned and a sugar mill with an annual output of 500,000 tons has begun construction. According to the plan, 600,000 acres of land is saline and alkaline soil, completely unable to grow food. As for what to grow... Of course red sorghum, red sorghum is good, the sugar content in the stem is comparable to cane sugar, if cooked thoroughly, red sorghum can yield hundreds of pounds. High seeds per acre For jackfruit forest people who are seriously undernourished, there is nothing better than this. What's even better is that sweet potato can also be processed into high-quality silage, meaning that even when the sugar market is in recession and oversupply, sweet potato can still be used as animal feed. raised and sold to large farms, while sugarcane Well... If the sugar mill runs into difficulties and cannot start crushing, it is estimated that most of them can only be thrown on the ground to rot. Of course, the most important thing is that saline soils cannot grow sugarcane at all, only sweet sorghum can be grown.

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    The Second Army attacked extremely fiercely, the 26th Army in the north, the 14th Army in the east, the 22nd Army in the south, all three directions launched simultaneously, the 22nd Army was relatively weak. The army consisting of the equally weak 115th Division Regiment, the powerful 14th Army and 26th Army rushed into the powerful 106th Division, completely head-on. More than three hundred large-caliber guns, thirty-six Type 81 122mm 40 rocket launchers, and dozens of B-24s and Li-2s, with full firepower, more than 30,000 rounds were fired in just a few hours Bullets and thousands of bombs fell on the Japanese army, turning trenches into fiery pits, villages into furnaces, and fortresses collapsing! Hundreds of war vehicles formed a giant iron arrow, roaring straight forward. No matter how tenacious the Japanese army was, they were mercilessly pushed down by the Japanese army. The trenches became a Japanese cemetery and a fortress. 57 mm and 105 mm rifles collapsed, and the carefully built fortifications by the Japanese army seemed vulnerable to attack!

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    His prediction was absolutely correct. Two years later, the four great armies sent out only ten armies, overthrowing the Jiang family dynasty that the skinhead had worked hard to build. Wang Dabeard led the 47th Army all the way from Xi'an to Kashgar, Huang Kecheng led the 12th Army to capture Nanjing within a week, the 46th Army swept Sichuan, and the 38th and 39th Armyes from Xuzhou to Guangxi Beihai... mobilizing ten armies is indeed a bit of a bully... because these ten armies mean 5,000 large-caliber guns, more than 1,500 tanks and more than 800 combat aircraft...

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    The pilot of the unlucky transport plane was probably excited, without saying a word, he jumped up and down again, ignoring the bullets shooting into the sky and onto the ground, when he pressed the button, a The 250 kg bomb was thrown from the hanger. The frame slipped and fell among the fleeing chariots and exploded. Black and red fireballs sprayed dozens of meters high like a fountain, and a sea of flames within a radius of 100 meters. Three armored cars and a tank were immediately engulfed in flames!

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    As expected, dogs lick creatures that have no intelligence at all...

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